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Sunday, 13 January 2019

My mind at this moment.

Hi friends!

Hope, by the grace of almighty, you are all okay with everything around you. I have been able to come here today after a prolonged illness, and by the grace of God, I am recovering from my illness gradually. Actually, I was so badly affected that I could not concentrate writing.

During my illness, many of my known friends advised me to close this blog but I did not do so as I always loved reading and writing though I know that I cannot write quality articles which can help my blog become popular, which it is not uptil now. But I think, it is always wise to keep trying as who knows that you may like my articles in future with passage of time and gaining more experience in the meantime.

I have gathered so many experiences during my sickness both good and bad which have enriched me in a big way and I seriously hope that these may help me in understanding human
nature and quality in a much better way and I shall carry these with me for a long long time.

I would like to write something below which I hope you may like. I also hope that this may go as a very valuable piece of advice for everyone and at least I myself will try to follow it.
"Gossips are always worse than thieves as they steal another person's dignity, honour, respect, reputation and credibility which are impossible to restore. When your tounge slips, you cannot recover the words that went off. All of us know that tounge has no bones but it can break many hearts."

At the end now, I would request you all to remain healthy and happy and smile as smile is really a toxic helpful medicine for us.

Thank you so much for your patience and my regards for you all. Bye for now.

Kalyan Ghosh.

Saturday, 2 June 2018

Read and learn to eliminate ignorance.

Hi friends!

We have been reading since our childhood under the strict guidance of our parents. We are growing and reading books.
We have been reading heavy books in schools under the supervision of our school teachers. Additionally, our school
teachers also taught us everything that came under their purview. It is true, that all teachers want their students rise.
Reading and reading, we passed out from our schools with
high grades, and then we land up in college.

Here also, we have to read heavier books under more qualified teachers. We do lot of readings and our parents also
do lot of sacrifices in their lives to support our this journey
of reading. Please understand that there is one more word that go side by side with reading and that is learning. It means reading and learning. It may so happen that you read lot of books but you didn't learn anything properly. Now, if you don't learn properly, you become ignorant and I mean even ignorant to human feelings.

So, one should read and learn. There is no age limit for learning. You should learn the meaning of life and this is really very important to live a life with respect.
Today, I don't know whether this will be relevant or irrelevant, but I cannot forego the temptation of writing a few lines by Shakespeare and that goes as under:

I always feel happy, you know why?
Because, I don't expect anything from anyone.
Expectations always hurt.
Life is short. So love your life.
Be happy and keep smiling.
Just live for yourself and before you speak, listen.
Before you write, think.
Before you spend, earn.
Before you pray, forgive.
Before you hurt, feel.
Before you hate, love.
Before you quite, try.
Before you die, live.

This is in a book which one may read but many may not
learn but some may learn a lot from it. Learning is always
I will conclude here for today and more when I will come before with another article and till then bye from me.
Thanks for your time and patience and my regards for you all.
 Nature is God's creation.

Kalyan Ghosh.

Saturday, 26 May 2018

Relationship - it's subtle.

Hi friends!

There is no known formula to create relationship. Here, the most important factor that plays the vital role is love. This emotion plays role in creating different kinds of relationships
in our family also. If you closely notice, you will find that people are confronting in various types of loves, these may be
temporary if you have the mind and the patience.

No one needs to display emotions negatively, what you need is to show your affection and love with maturity. It is just a part of normal human necessity and this is an essential element of any relationships. In fact, it is true that a more
genuinely lovable family or a couple will tend to have a more
stable relationship.

One major factor is easy and fearless communication to ease an understanding. There are unwanted circumstances of misunderstandings and ego clashes. This brings about a lot of
despair, anguish among the people concerned. You should cut
down those silly differences and learn to forget and forgive the loved ones. We should take every conflicting situation in life as instances to analyze and improve ourselves and the people that surrounds us.

Commitment is the only very important and mature element in a man woman relationship. It is considered to be the culmination of a love relationship between two individuals which signifies that the people involved in this relationship of love, will only love, sacrifice and understand and are ready to spend their whole life with each other. Commitment basically means a decision making process in a person's life where he/she chooses a person he/she  loves most as a life partner. Commitment should be honoured by both the persons  to make any sense of the word. The benefit of a commited relationship is, it gives your life stability, resilience and belief
making it healthy and beautiful.

In this relationship each one should be respectful to the other.
Please don't be an egoist. It is the root of all evils. When you
commited to living a beautiful life, you should also adjust lot of things to make your relationship run speedily. You are committed to love your partner unquestionably similarly your partner should also commit the same thing. If it happens, I think your relationship will last long.

I think, it is time for me to say bye for today. Thank you so much for your time and patience. My regards for you all.

Kalyan Ghosh.
 Beautiful nature.

Thursday, 24 May 2018

Being dependent - It's painful.

Hello friends!

It is really very difficult for someone to be dependent. Here, dependent means, a person who cannot earn his livelihood and becomes dependent on others. Here, others mean, someone very close, may be parents, brothers or even very good friends etc. Dependence comes for not being very careful about making one's career. You  observe very carefully, you will find that proper education comes in front of you. I have seen that young people leave education in the midway. There may be reasons behind it. One may be poverty in the family and the other is extreme ignorance about the bounces of life and at the same time being greedy to start life of enjoyment independently and early.

Both become unhappy and become dependent intermittently
on someone. At a later stage they realise their mistakes. It is
true that no parents want their children to suffer in life. Usually, they sacrifice so many things in the lives for upbringing their children. So, when they find their children unhappy, they also loose their peace of mind. They cry from within but cannot say anything as their children took their lives very easily.

Above, I have written about two categories of probable dependents. Many become dependents forcefully having no fault of them by being victims of accidents or a serious diseases. Lives of this category of people are really really painful. At least, I feel too much pain in my mind whenever or wherever I find any one of them. I cannot do anything for them but I pray for them to the Almighty to give them enormous mental power. It is really pitious. I further pray so that good senses can prevail on the people on whom the person is dependent.

Now, I'm writing about the dependence, which comes in normal course and that is dependence due to old age. This condition is also very pitious. Imagine, a person who was active, participatory, earning, enjoying life nonstop, doing duties to his family, has become alone and lonely as his health is leaving him gradually. He is a different man altogether with the same old mind with a worn out health. Often he is neglected and avoided, But one should know that an old man is a mine of knowledge and information.

Whatever may be the category of dependents, no one is happy and comfortable. Any dependence is painful. One should always try to avoid such a situation in life.

I would like to end here today. Thanks for your time and patience. Bye for now. My regards for you all.

Kalyan Ghosh.
 Beautiful nature.

 Talk of a great soul.

Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Smartphone is an addiction.

Hello friends!

You must be knowing that the advent of smartphones has done enormous good to mankind. It has definitely made your life much faster in communication. You may  now remain connected with your friends and family all the time with social media. You can also remain connected for much longer time or as long as you wish.You can share your life events through photographs or videos. Through a smartphone, you may remain on the net with professional information and generally remain updated about information from all around the globe. In today's time, we are using smartphones to do shopping of any item from any corner of the world sitting at home. In short, with the usage of smartphones,life has become very easy.

This constant inflow of information and the gradual over dependence on smartphones for work and personal affairs has grown so much that people are unable to switch off their phones. This has already taken the shape of an epidemic and in this situation many are being victims of general anxiety disorder, a disorder for being away from smartphones.

Different age groups are affected differently though some of
the symptoms are fairly common. The impact seems to be very severe on children and teenagers who carry smartphones. This disrupts their lives as they are easily distracted and are addicted to chatting with friends and connecting to social media. With children, their mental development is also disturbed. Their eyes are also affected. Their performance in school is also hampered. Their holistic development like hobbies, sports, communication skills are greatly hampered.

I have seen that parents are also becoming helpless in disuading their children in reducing the usage of smartphones.Gradually the relationship between children and their parents is also adversely affected. I think that it is impossible to go without smartphone but we can definitely reduce its usages maintaining a rigid schedule and this will balance the likely damages in life.

I would like to conclude here for today and hope to appear before you with another article and till then good bye from me. Thanks for your patience and time and my regards for you all.

Kalyan Ghosh.
 Beautiful nature.

Saturday, 19 May 2018

A little about panic.

Hi friends!
This article should be in continuation to my previous article that I published yesterday. I advised all my friends not to be too much anxious. I also told that being anxious for a long time may be very bad both for your health and mind and this may lead to panic attack. About it, I cannot write as I am not a psychologist but definitely I have read some authentic books on it.

I will write a little only on the symptoms of it, so that you can get some ideas and can prevent it from the initial stage or the beginning of it or if your friend/friends show up some signs, you can at least guide them in proper time. You also need not worry, as this is a treatable disorder but it takes some time.

Actually, it is likely to be a mental health disorder, characterized by, feelings of worry, anxiety or fear that are strong enough to interfere one's daily life. Anxiety disorders show some symptoms as panic,fear, uneasiness, sleep problems. Not being able to stay calm and quiet. Cold, sweaty, numb or tingling hands or feet. Shortness of breath. Heart palpitations. Dry mouth and nausea. These are some of the symptoms and as I said earlier, this is medically treatable.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    I have written all these only for your knowledge and information only. Again, I would say, don't think too much. Bad times come and go to fetch good times. This moves like a cycle. Try to look at yourself. The Almighty has given you enough power. If you try sincerely and seriously, you can accomplish so many things. But one thing is there, please don't be greedy. This greed is at the centre of all evils.                                                                                                                                                                                                              I would like to conclude here today with hope of coming to you with another article and till then, bye from me and my regards for you all.                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Kalyan Ghosh.

Thursday, 17 May 2018

Don't be too anxious.

Hi friends!

In today's world, you will find hardly anyone who does not remain anxious. Everywhere, you will find people being tormented by anxiety. This is because of stiff competition for survival and no one is happy with whatever he has. He needs more and to get this more, he has to fight and fighting and fighting he becomes tired. If anyone achieves his target then it is all fine and those who could not do it, they become hopeless and dives into anxiety.

I have just spoken about one aspect. There are other several reasons that people go into an anxious state of mind. It may be a social reason, one may be anxious because of some issues in his family, may be because of some problems in a relationship, may be the outcome of some financial problems etc.

If you observe, you will find that all of us are becoming too impatient. Whatever problems we face, we want an instantaneous solution. We don't give time to the issue for analysis and to think whether it is achievable or not. Too much pressure comes from within the family to lift the living standard. So pressure from everywhere and he is the lone man to meetup and he becomes tired and anxious. This revolves in a cycle and you will have to run after it as long as you are physically fit.But for you to remain too anxious for a long time, may creep in another psychological problem and that may be a difficult issue to solve.

What I feel that you are the owner of yourself. You should love yourself most. Give some good time to you. Interact with your good friends with a free mind. If you love music then listen to some music of your choice. Keep your brain clutterfree for some hours.Dont allow anxiety to come in. Don't lament for the things you could not achieve. The Almighty has given you enough power and the right thing will come to you at the right time. Also understand that everything is not meant for everybody.

Remain in solitude for at least an hour. Being in solitude does not mean that you are unsocial. Dive deep into you mind and search for peace there.At least this much you can do for yourself. If you do for sometime, your mind will calm down and you will be able to keep anxiety away.

I would like to conclude here today. Hope to see you with another article soon and till such time, bye from me. My regards to you all.

Kalyan Ghosh.